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Using the following points as a guide, please explain why the nominee would be interested in contributing their time and expertise to serve as a member of the Bentley University Alumni Association Global Board of Directors.

a. Describe his/her ability and willingness to assume the responsibilities of the Board, attend and participate in meetings, and act as an informed ambassador for Bentley.

b. Describe his/her commitment to the goals of Bentley University and dedication to strengthening the alumni community.

c. Describe his/her unique skill set and how this would benefit the Global Alumni Board.

d. Describe his/her leadership qualities.

Please indicate Bentley activities with which the nominee has been involved (e.g., career mentor, admissions volunteer, regional chapter participation, event attendance, etc.).

If selected, what would the nominee like to accomplish as a member of the Bentley University Alumni Association Global Board of Directors?

Please inform us of any potential conflicts of interest.

Please list any personal interests/hobbies the nominee might like to share with us.

By clicking submit, you are sending your completed nomination form to the Global Alumni Board Nomination Committee and the Bentley University Center for Alumni, Parents and Friends. Board candidates will receive notice of the decision regarding their candidacy in early June. Thank you for your interest in the Bentley University Alumni Association.

Have questions or need more information? Contact Leigh Gaspar, director of Advancement Relations, at or 781.891.2874.